Founded in 1989, Qualilab is a service provider in the fields of quality management, IT, data analysis and support to analysis and measurement laboratories. Our services improve your processes, support change and help you to manage your risks and performance gains.


QUALILAB  can offer several areas of expertise :

  • Support for your quality system and strategies, change management and process optimisation in compliance with regulations and standards (research and implementation, QA substitution, QMS assessment, internal/external audits, selection of CROs and CMOs)
  • Delivery of projects related to each stage of the Information Systems life cycle (assistance with project management, testing, validation, maintaining in operational condition, change management, IT quality approach, documentation)
  • Dissemination of software solutions related to the activities of measurement laboratories (analytical validations, stability studies)
  • Provision of analytical support services (analytical validation and transfer, etc.) and statistical and graphical results processing, as well as R & D project support work (clinical trials, etc.)
  • Running standard or custom training courses


Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies, Medical devices, Health care, Chemistry, Food, Environment


  • 30 years’ recognised expertise in our sectors of activity
  • Complementary experience, enabling us to provide expert skills in the relevant area of intervention: R&D, Production, Laboratory, Quality, IT and Data Analysis
  • Ability to get players “on board” for projects using a specific Qualilab work approach which combines methods, attentiveness, pragmatism, relationships and communication
  • Working method based on assessing and improving the current situation and the transfer of knowledge
  • Strong familiarity with regulatory authorities’ inspection processes and accreditations/certifications (COFRAC, certification bodies, etc.)
  • Competence acknowledged by institutional bodies, including Research tax credit approval (CIR)
  • Culture of “data quality and integrity” for a single end goal: “Quality to fit your needs”


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